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This festival is not about excellence, there are many renown festivals and A-listers in the world, already. This festival is about emerging talents, it is about short-films that have an identity, whether or not it is already refined, it is about voices that are earnest, vibrant and memorable. Many powerful, creative and imaginative independent films get sidetracked because they are not flawless in execution. Not here, we are interested in discussing cinema and that means to screen films that move us and challenge us, but also to acknowledge what shortcomings they might have, without dismissing them, without closing our hearts to them.


We have a love for undiscovered artifacts, for voices that get baffled in the distance, for things that need attention and care, it is not about perfection or virtuosity, and it is not about tossing things aside.


We screen these films because, within them, there is a spark of inspiration, an emotion, a detail, or something not defined, that helps us transcend the passive viewing experience and throws us into a creative mood, to a clarity of sorts. 


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